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One of the most precious and magical gifts you can give your children and yourself is the gift of music! Music is a special gift that lasts a lifetime and speaks to all of us in the same beautiful language. We find ourselves calmed by it, excited or mystified. 

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It is a privilege to introduce your children to a piano music program designed specifically for young and eager music lovers. I believe that playing the piano, singing or learning about music beautifies the world, nourishes our souls and sharpens our mind.

I start teaching children to play piano with singing as early as 3½ years old and believe that no child should be left without music.


I encourage everyone to play piano and sing because, later in life you might say “I wish I had kept on taking piano, music lessons.”


The rewards are wonderful and last a lifetime for you and your children! 


“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”

-Ludwig Van Beethoven


“Music leads every change, for it is first in order and power before all learning”

-Aristides Quintilianus 
(Greek writer on music, circa 200ACE)

Fur Elise - Ludwig van Beethoven
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About Sophi Albert:   The founder of Piano & Voice and Beyond, by Sophi, is a piano/voice teacher and music therapist. Ms Sophi is dedicated to giving all children and students of all ages a positive and rewarding experience with music. Ms. Sophi holds a Bachelors of Music Degree in Piano Pedagogy and Music Education and completed post-graduate Studies in Music Therapy.

Beyond being a very experienced piano/voice teacher and music therapist, Sophi has a true passion for teaching students about piano, singing, and music. Currently, Sophi teaches full-time piano and voice and works with special needs children and older adults providing music therapy services. She is a long time member of the Music Teacher’s Association (MTAC). She prepares students for the Certificate of Merit evaluation and encourages students to strive for musical excellence.

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