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Teaching Methods and Approach

One of the most gratifying aspects of Sophi is that she teaches the knowledge of music that will influence student’s progress and will help them grow through its language which will affect everything they do. 

Sophi's piano and voice lessons will develop children’s natural creative abilities, help them to perfect their natural learning processes, help them stay focused, and achieve goals and develop courage. 

  • Children are encouraged to compose their own music and write notation and words to the music they compose. When the song is completed, students will be asked to perform their song by playing it with singing. 

  • Since music is a language, in the same way, that children learn to read, they will learn to scan the composed music notation, think critically, create solutions and apply it through playing and singing so that music will come to life. 

Students will learn the correct skills for practicing and studying new pieces. They will learn to focus on the notes and music they are playing measure by measure, paying their attention to phrasing, rhythm, dynamics, legato, staccato, creating the right sound with the appropriate technique and etc.

  • Students will participate at the recital performing the music they learned to play, and some students can choose to participate in the Certificate of Merit excellence program when they will be tested on their musical accomplishments such as theory, sight reading, technique, and piano or vocal performance. 


  • Students will learn to overcome challenges by putting aside anxiety and worries by performing for others. This is a valuable tool in life!

During lessons, students will learn how to minimize their anxieties and instead, they will learn to maximize their creative and artistic abilities. 

Specific Methods

Sophi believes that each student is unique with their own personalities, cognitive, physical and mental abilities. Therefore, a holistic approach is considered in teaching children to play piano or during voice lessons. Meaning, we teach hearing music in your mind relates to reading notes and interpreting music, how fingers work together with hands and arms, and learning to play and sing music with feelings and artistry.

A holistic approach to teaching students also includes a variety of methods and approaches.

Each student is evaluated with his/her strengths and weaknesses to help them achieve their full musical potential with an appropriate method or approach.

Various pedagogical methods and approaches used: such as Kodaly method, Orff, Dalcroze and some Suzuki and traditional piano/voice principles applied. 

Beginner Students:

Sophi carefully evaluates each beginner student and matches the correct approach method for that student. Student/ teacher personality compatibility also considered during the first lessons.

Beginner student will learn the correct hand, body positioning by the piano, sight- reading, understanding meter, and rhythm, listening and playing/singing simple familiar and new songs. 

Intermediate Students:

Intermediate students will continue with a solid understanding of meter, rhythm and will learn to further their understanding of harmony, key signatures musical phrasing, artistry, dynamics, harmonic progression, styles periods of compositions. 

Advanced Students:

The advanced student will learn to apply everything they learned into the actual artistry of creating beautiful music. Further mastery of piano technique and advanced understanding of music will be applied in playing with emotions and artistry. 

  • General expectations:

  • Sight reading

  • Mastery of piano/vocal technique

  • Reading music effectively.

  • Developing passion and appreciation for music.

  • Learning to express yourself through music.


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