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  Piano & Voice Lessons  

Voice Lessons

Singing is such a beautiful form of expression. Through singing some children communicate, building self–confidence, self- esteem, maybe relieving stress and become actively engaged in learning about other cultures, foreign languages, imagination, humor and beautiful music from various periods. Children love to sing and it is important to nurture that quality, so as they grow older it will not fade.

Child’s vocal training should begin in infancy through parent’s singing and vocalizing and continued throughout childhood with formal instruction. 

Sophi has adopted the Song Approach 
in teaching children how to sing. It is a natural approach to singing. Meaning, vocal lessons for children primary emphasis is on expression with secondary emphasis on technique.

Children learn a large repertoire of varied songs and at the 
same time, they taught good singing habits. 

Children taught the most important five vocal techniques in addition to sight reading (musical notation singing with syllables: do, re, mi, fa)


  1. Proper breathing, good posture, inner smile (raising the soft palate and relaxing the jaw) 

  2. Phonation- timbre, dynamics, pitch. Children encouraged developing their speaking voices as a natural part of voice training. 

  3. Resonant tone production - Children taught simple, enjoyable vocalizes. From an early age, children taught the proper way to use and protect their voice in speaking, singing, and playground. 

  4. Dictation- diction study that emphasizes uniform vowels and proper articulation of the vocal sound. dynamic and tempo. 

  5. Expressiveness- the study of phrasing,

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