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What to expect?

Learning to play piano requires a lot of discipline, patience, and practice. It is an art medium that requires “work” and will not always reward us with immediate pleasure. We can compare it to learning a new language.

Parents and students need to understand that the rewards are not easily gained by playing piano a few minutes a day. However, when students practice efficiently, then the music they play becomes more and more enjoyable. 

Some parents feel that their child should progress at a faster rate. Parents please, allow your child to progress at their own rate that may seem slow to you but it is not slow for your child.

There is a point to consider: children under the age of 7 learn differently than children 7 and older. Also, we can not compare the same age children with other children, because everyone learns differently.

Playing the same songs for weeks may not be exciting to parents, but it is a learning experience for your child and becomes enjoyable each time she/he plays the music with mastery.

Piano Lessons by Sophi understands that each child has different abilities and interests. Therefore, children will learn pieces that hold their interest in addition to more complicated pieces.

Lastly, please have realistic long and short-term goals for your children. Not every child will become a piano virtuoso.

Playing for pure enjoyment and appreciation of music should be the main reason for taking lessons and not solely for winning piano competitions or receiving various certificates. 

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