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  Piano & Voice Lessons  

Group Piano Lessons for Children

Group Piano Lessons for Children Ages 3 - 11 years are offered at various locations and schools

Since learning to play the piano is one of the most rewarding things a child can accomplish, the program’s goal is to create positive and memorable musical experiences for children and their families. My mission is to instill a love of music in all children by introducing them to classical music and teaching them to play enjoyable familiar and new songs.

What to expect in group piano lessons for preschool and early elementary school age children?

  • Pre-reading musical concepts.

  • Appropriate hand position and posture.

  • Composing and playing by ear.

  • Rhythm chanting and counting aloud.

  • Sight reading music notation while playing and singing.

  • Playing with accompaniment.

  • Playing in ensemble for peers and families.


Group Piano Class for Preschool-Age Children: ages 3 - 5

In this fun class preschool children will be introduced to the first building blocks of music: keyboard/piano geography, singing notes by Solfege: do, re, mi, piano fingering, locating notes on the keyboard and learning to play first simple tunes. Basic note reading will include values and rhythm patterns, expressive movement, musical games, and musical stories. 

This class is for children that outgrew the type of music program that just based on fun and exposure to music only. In this class, children learn about music (notes, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, composers and etc) and music making directly with the piano/keyboard. 


Group Piano Class for Children ages: 4 - 8 or 8 – 11

This class features piano/keyboard playing in both solo and ensemble setting. Children will learn to read music notation and rhythmic patterns by playing familiar songs, while simultaneously learning simple, new songs through traditional note reading, singing expressive songs, rhythm reading, finger skills, pitch concepts, composing and improvising melodies.

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